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Saturday, 24 September 2005
Student Economy Art Supply List
Topic: Watercolor Class
I've spent ages trying to get this file small enough to take up less bandwidth so I could put it in my blog. In all that time I could have typed it. (I was trying to avoid having to type!) I couldn't get it smaller. I hope it will be legible. And since I wrote this list, I've been to one of the local art stores, Rockport Blueprint in Camden, and have learned what they carry (and have in stock) in this grade of watercolor. For the Reeves tubes they have a much larger set, 24 colors, about $13. They have a set of 12 tubes by ArtColor, for $6.95. I haven't finished my sampling of them yet. There is a very nice box of pan colors by Alvin, 12 pans, about $15. A new line of economy brushes by Robert Simmons called "Simply Simmons". They are only $2.99 a piece. I just got the 3/4" flat, and so far it is very nice. The biggest round brush of that make that they had is #10. They have a few in stock. This is not quite as big as I prefer but together with the big flat is a good combination... So here's testing. You should be able to drag this to your desktop and print it out.
Student Economy Art Supply List p. 1
Student Economy Art Supply List p. 2

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 6:44 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 6 October 2005 12:40 AM EDT
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Friday, 30 September 2005 - 2:45 AM EDT

Name: mamagoo
Home Page: http://4pkruger.com/mamagoo

I finally made it here to Post. I was just over at outsidein that you recomended. Wow she does have a fun way with words and writing. It was fun. Thanks for the that, and I even posted there...she has quite a little following there, hey. I would feel so presured!, but to her it must come easy.
must be my night/morning for posting. I never get to bed before 4am anymore, tho....

It's too bad that you didn't write down your list above in a word processor, then you could have uploaded the file...lol... but hey this notbook paper is very original, just like your paintings, Catinka, and I mean that as a compliment to the creative work that you do.
it is quite big for your page you could show a thumbnail view here and then link it to the large full size....just a thought...

I visited the hamburger article that you sent. I didn't know that hamgurger has such a cultural background. I may use bits and pieces of it on my blog this part humored me:

"Szathmary also argues that men embraced burgers because buns reminded them of the maternal bosom."
well fancy that.....hee hee

but you know that is the only thing my hubby will cook for himself other then a bowl of soup....it's fast and simple. It takes no braising and cooking all day. just smush, punch,slap,cook and bam.....bam-burger....

Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't updated to it all in the past week, and then with this Tripod difficulty we had this week with Sitebuilder sites....many ppls upset....and was loking for answers at the club blog...

Well gots to go you know....I am on a tight schedule....lol
bye for now
have a great day and a better tomorrow....!

Saturday, 1 October 2005 - 11:02 AM EDT

Name: Catinka
Home Page: http://catinkacards.tripod.com

Great Idea! I was just going to leave the list up for a little while, and perhaps get it on a separate page at some point. Some things I have to think out on paper by hand. If I start typing it gets into such a big production for me because I have such an overbearing inner editor censor operating when I'm in typing mode. Typing by word processor just screams to me: its so easy to fix, you have to fix it. But by hand, its more like drawing and there I let much of the scribblings show. This of course makes it harder for others to read. And I put this list up here for a local class just in case the emails I sent them didn't open properly. But now I do like the idea of being able to write things by hand and publish if I want to, so I'm glad I messed around so much with this. And I will try to figure out (its been awhile) how to make a thumbnail of the list linking to an enlargement.

PS. Happy hamburger cooking!

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