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Saturday, 10 September 2005
Ramblings: do we really make things happen?
Topic: Life
We get frustrated when things go wrong because we believe it is our actions that make things happen, that if we do xyz, then abc will inevitably take place. Because we put so much faith in this, we are inevitably frustrated or disappointed when things do not happen as planned. We believe this most strongly in our constant pursuit of machines, technology. We are under an illusion that we can control things. But I'm more and more convinced that things work because of intention, or because life in general works, not because we make them work. If Life didn't work in general, we just wouldn't be here. With all the mistakes people make, all our careless actions, by rights a lot more should be falling apart all over the place. Life in general goes right despite our actions and mistakes. Why is that? What is keeping that balance?

I can only believe it is the power of Life, the Universe ( God, All That Is, Spirit, Life force, Nature, call it what you will). Our actions are the expressions of our intentions and desires. The results of our actions are like tracks in the sands of matter showing where we were. We run after our machines and whatnot because we think doing so will make our lives better, safer, or whatever. And the irony is that the reason technology works, despite all the things we do wrong with it, is because the very thing which we think we don't have, a benevolent universe or spirit running through everything, is what is keeping everything working (most of the time).

We don't need the machines (and all the stuff), but right now they are the story we are in the middle of. If we could view them as no different than the words (language) with which we speak, the dishes we cook, the songs we sing, the rhythms we dance, that they are the ocean we swim in right now, we might find that our happiness comes from deciding to be happy and act in this play joyfully and meaningfully, rather than from whether or not we can get things to turn out the way we think they should. The fun, the life, is in the trying. A desired result happening is icing on the cake. I suppose though, there are some of us who only like icing. (I wonder if the real reason one likes icing is because it means cake, and cake means special occasions, ie. its you're birthday, you're special?)

I've probably mangled writing the above. Hope someone can make sense out of it, or find resonance in it. Maybe I'll manage to say it better another time.

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 2:47 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 10 September 2005 3:20 PM EDT
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Saturday, 24 September 2005 - 7:59 PM EDT

Name: rvnx11
Home Page: http://rvnx11.tripod.com/blog

Hope you don't mind me posting here. I read this post though and had to put in my two cents. :) I think what you said makes perfect since. I think that abc is predetermined and xyz happens without our knowledge.

For instance where I live right now... six months ago I didn't live here and had no idea that I would be. But xyz happened without me being aware of it and here I am. Don't know if that makes any sense.

I believe that our courses through life are predetermined. I don't necessarily mean that who or whatever sat down and wrote individual roadmaps, so to speak. If we could see into the future and know that tomorrow the poodle was going to fall in the swimming pool and at what time then every decision you made from that point on would be the xyz for the dog going swimming. I could just see someone running up to save it at the last minute tripping and kicking the poor poodle into the pool. Its going to happen and decisions that an individual makes keeps him on a path he can't see towards abc.

And the funny thing is that we will never no what abc is because we don't recognize xyz.

Whew that was probably the most confusing post ever... lol
I liked your site and your work. I like things that make the heart feel good and your watercolors do that.

have a good 1

Friday, 30 September 2005 - 3:13 AM EDT

Name: mamagoo

well now denny, fancy meeting you here...! You just can't get away from me can you....
I only made 3 posts at your place tonight...like I told Catinka, I think this is my night for posting to blogs. I posted to 1, 2, and 3 at your place...
1,2,3 abc....
4,5,6, pick up sticks....
really though I agree with you and Catinka and I am not going into right now. I told Catinka that I had wrote long paragraph in notepad the other day to this post and I accidently didn't save it, senior moment...lol

What your speaking of here is Fate and fate has it that I should get to bed it's 3a.m!

oh ps:
do you realize we are posting to each others blogs because it was at the club blog that denny had asked 'does anyone actually read blogs?'....LOL
hows the sitemeter going denny?


Saturday, 1 October 2005 - 12:45 PM EDT

Name: Catinka
Home Page: http://catinkacards.tripod.com

It is lovely to hear from both of you. I'm so glad you've taken the time to write.
I propose a few more possibilities, a few more what ifs:
The first few were possibilities I can remember wondering when I was 7 or 8 or 9 years old. I may have been reading Gullivers Travels? Or some fairy tale or another. And I think by then my Dad had explained atoms to me.
What if we and our universe were just like a dollhouse in a giants world? The giants watched us in all our comings and goings.
And then - What if that were true for the giants as well? They were tiny toys inside a larger giants world, and so on and so on.

I always wondered about the girl on the Sun Maid Raisin Box, who held another raison box - there had to be another and yet another raisin box with the Sun Maid holding a box, ad infinitum, one inside the other.

What if this was all my dream? Dreams are real enough until you wake from them. We've all had (I have at least) dreams where we wake up from the dream, get up and go about the business of the day only to find out a little later that we didn't really get up yet. So how do we know we're not just inside a much bigger dream? How would we know if we are one person dreaming or many people dreaming?

I had more possibilities, just can't remember right now. Maybe others will add to the open list?

I do however believe that if none of this can ever be proven one way or another than one must look for the values that hold true no matter what the circumstances. That's as far as I can go with this now.

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